Looking Back— 50 Batches of Apple Jalapeño and Cherry Bomb August 03 2017, 0 Comments

As the product and company developed, so did our packaging.

Way back in 2014, before we were using the jam jars we use today, we sold our products in mason jars. Our logos and labels were mostly hand written and our Made by Mavis team was much smaller. Even though we have changed a lot over the years, we have always tried to focus on the product’s taste more than anything else. Back in the early days we had the idea to make a spicy jam that was so delicious, it would change what people thought jam could be.

We heard things like “Jam is supposed to be sweet,” and “Nobody would want to spread jalapeño jam on anything.” But we knew that we were on to something. After testing and tweaking a few recipes, our Apple Jalapeño jam was born. When we began sharing it with our fans, friends, and family, we got the reaction we were hoping for, which confirmed what we had already suspected — our spicy jam was delicious! Shortly afterwards, we created our Cherry Bomb jam. It is fun for us to look back at the evolution of our product and its packaging. 

This week our team was extremely excited when we realized we’ve reached a milestone that we never imagined was possible when Made by Mavis began. Sean, our very own jam master, just made the 50th batches of our Apple Jalapeño and Cherry Bomb jam! That means that you all LOVE our spicy jams! In the past 4 years of our business, we have only had one other product sell that well, our Dark Chocolate Raspberry jam.

So what does that tell us about you? Although jalapeños are not for everybody, those that do like them, love them. When samples are presented in markets and stores, often times people are very reluctant to try them, but the brave flavor explorers who try the spicy ones almost always go back for seconds. We love seeing people change their beliefs about what flavors they like/dislike. We encourage people to venture beyond their comfort zone with our jams, because beyond your comfort zone is where some of the best flavors are combined.

This is what our current jars and labels look like.

So as we go forward, we would like to thank all of you for helping us sell 50 batches (hundreds of individual jars) of each jam, and we are excited to see what other jams will reach this level of popularity. We will continue to experiment with spicy flavors and keep your taste buds on the edge of your tongue for years to come. Cheers to another 50 batches!