Take Back Your Kitchen — The Role of the Artisan Chef June 06 2017, 0 Comments

In the busy world that we live in, many of us go through our week without very many well prepared meals. Most people cannot find the time to buy the necessary ingredients, prepare them and sit down to enjoy the finished product, but this is one of the most rewarding experiences. Preparing a well cooked meal is a tradition as old civilization, and there is a reason that it brings people together. Family dinner is a great concept because it not only can be delicious, but it gives everybody a reason to enjoy eachother’s company for an hour or so. If your family isn’t around, cook a meal for your friends instead of going out to eat one night. Anymore people are opting to take a more convenient method, which is less rewarding, and almost always, less healthy.

Although the fast food industry has taken a bit of a hit in the past few years, restaurants with a drive-thru window seem to be the easiest choice for most people still, and we at Made by Mavis could not be more bothered by this. Our focus has always been on quality products, and our jam is created with hopes that it can be enjoyed and shared with others during gatherings and events that bring people together, not eaten quickly as you rush between errands.

We consider our jam to be an artisan product, meaning it is hand crafted, with attention to slowing down the process and acknowledging the importance of pairing flavors that go well together. In other words, mass production is not the name of the game for us. When we make a batch of our jam, there are less than 100 jars made at a time, and each batch varies slightly based on the day we made it. We want you to be able to truly taste all the hard work that our team puts into canning, cleaning, and labeling each jar of Made by Mavis jam.

Another thing about artisan chefs is that they are often the most experimental people in the industry, and by taking such risks, they are able to create unique dishes and flavors that others would never have conceived. Would you have ever thought to pair something like habanero peppers with pineapple and mango and turn it into a spreadable treat? What about apples with vanilla beans? We have found that when we are sampling our products in stores or at events, the ones that people are most reluctant to try are surprisingly the ones with the best feedback.

So the moral of all this is that although you might pass fifteen restaurants on your drive home from work, we encourage you to take back your kitchen and cook yourself a meal. You deserve it. And if you cook a lot already, we encourage you to get creative and make something new. It is easy to fall into the safety net of your favorite few dishes to prepare, but if you find some new recipes online and experiment a little bit, you will learn to use ingredients in new ways that you never would have dreamed about. Don’t forget to make room for a Made by Mavis product in your meal!