We are "Kentucky Proud" June 22 2017, 0 Comments

We at Made by Mavis take a lot of pride in our work. We try to create recipes that we are proud of, and that we would be proud to serve our friends and families. We take pride knowing that we are giving you some of the best local ingredients we can find. We are proud to be one of the leading members of the catering community in Cincinnati. And although we are proud to call Cincinnati our home, our true roots live across the river in Covington, Kentucky. That’s right — we’re “Kentucky Proud”!

That’s not just a slogan that we came up with. Kentucky Proud is a program created by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture that helps bring delicious, natural, and local food to your kitchen straight from their source at Kentucky farms and shops. Not every product made in the state gets a Kentucky Proud label slapped on the box though. It takes a commitment and dedication to the local area’s farming industry, as well as a nutritional focus in order to be accepted into their program.  

So how exactly do we stay Kentucky Proud? We are committed to supporting other Kentucky businesses by working in partnership with them and keep growing our local economy. Many of our ingredients are bought from local farmer’s markets or are grown within a close proximity of our business. We even use Alltech’s Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout beer for our Bourbon Barrel Stout Syrup! One of our current seasonal jams, Strawberry Lemon Balm, is made with lemon balm leaves from Latonia Elementary’s urban garden, which is a student led project where fifth graders take on entrepreneurial roles in their community. We are constantly seeking out new farmers and local produce so that we can continue creating new jams for you, our fans!

Ever since we have been accepted into the Kentucky Proud community, our products have reached audiences that we never would have dreamed of and our flavors have turned on thousands of new taste buds throughout the state. We are featured on the Kentucky Proud section of dozens of Kroger stores as well as various grocery stores, liquor stores, and farmers markets across the state.

If you already buy Made by Mavis off of the Kentucky Proud section, perhaps you should try another product next time you go to the store. The items vary from baked goods to beverages or arts and crafts. You can be certain that whatever product you buy, it will represent Kentucky’s people and culture, and will be hand crafted with state pride that will have you singing "My Old Kentucky Home" all day long.